The secret to keeping more hair? Relieve scalp stress. Here are 5 ways to do it.

Ask people what they think causes hair loss and one of the top answers will be STRESS! There is increasing scientific evidence to suggest this may be true. Given the levels of stress we face in daily life, it’s a wonder anyone has hair anymore.

One particular type of stress – oxidative stress at the scalp surface – is clearly to blame. Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals. It’s what causes a crisp, white apple to turn brown and what turns smooth skin into wrinkles too soon. When oxidative stress happens to your scalp, your scalp lets go of hair too soon leading to early and excess hair loss.

Good news is that there are simple steps we can take to calm a stressed scalp and reduce hair loss.

5 tips to relieve scalp stress and keep more hair.

1. GIVE YOURSELF A SCALP MASSAGE. Each hair fiber is anchored to the scalp through the follicle. Each follicle is “fed” by the blood vessels that surround it. This is how new hair gets oxygen and the nutrient supply it needs to keep going. Many believe scalp massage stimulates blood flow - not to mention, it feels good and can help you feel less stressed overall.

You can give yourself a scalp massage anytime, anywhere. Just apply gentle pressure with a scalp massager or your fingertips (not with your fingernails) in a circular motion across your scalp. It takes only a few minutes a day and can even be done during your normal hair care routine. That’s multi-tasking you can feel good about!

2. USE ANTIOXIDANTS - THE ANTIDOTE TO OXIDATIVE STRESS. A clinical study has shown that the salts & zinc minerals in KeepItAnchored’s Hair Anchor blend act as antioxidants to lower scalp oxidative stress – the #1 environmental cause of daily hair loss. By keeping oxidative stress levels down at the surface of the scalp, the clinical research showed that our products with this blend strengthen hair roots to keep them anchored to the scalp for longer.

You can start by simply swapping out your normal shampoo with the KeepItAnchored shampoo (there is one for men and one for women) and adding the Hair Anchoring Essence leave-on treatment to your daily hair routine. They both contain the clinically-proven antioxidants, so you’ll get a daily dose, even if you don’t wash every day. Bonus tip – apply the Hair Anchoring Essence while giving yourself a scalp massage for even more stress relief!

3. PROTECT YOUR SCALP FROM UV RAYS. Just like UV stresses your skin, it stresses your scalp too – even if you have hair!

Many believe hair provides protection from UV-rays, but studies are showing that hair is not a perfect cover. Unless you can cover your scalp with sunscreen, the best approach is to cover up when spending time in the sun – a hat, an umbrella, a scarf.

FYI – oxidative stress is how hair becomes “sun-bleached” in the summer. If you notice your hair becoming lighter from time spent in the sun, that’s a sign your scalp is being oxidatively-stressed too.

4. WASH YOUR HAIR. A shower can make you feel like the stress of the day is washed away. It also washes away a source of oxidative stress simply by removing excess scalp oils. As scalp oils build up they go “bad” – like cooking oils turn bad over time – and can irritate your scalp skin. Dermatologists recommend “wash as often as you can for best scalp condition”.

5. BE KIND TO YOUR SCALP. Scratching your scalp, using hot styling tools near your scalp, using a brush with rough bristles can all irritate your scalp. Treat your scalp skin gently much like you would your face.

If you need to scratch an itch, use fingertips instead of nails. Use a smooth wide-toothed comb to detangle hair at the roots or a natural bristle brush to get your hair in place. If you’re using a high-heat blow-dryer or hot iron, hold them away from your scalp and further down your hair.


With a few simple changes, your calm scalp will thank you. But don’t be surprised if you can’t see how happy it looks in its zen state – there may be too much hair in the way. Refresh your scalp with our Complete Kit today!

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