Hair loss treatment options: A quick guide

Experiencing hair loss can be stressful. It can be hard to know what’s right for the stage you’re in and what really works. Here is a quick guide through your treatment options...because knowing you have options helps take the stress out of hair loss.

Noticing the start of a receding hair line, your part line widening, and more hair in your comb? This is the right time to start reducing hair loss - preventing a little issue from becoming a bigger one. Research has shown that environmental stress, known as oxidative stress, is the #1 cause of daily hair loss. It effects men and women alike and can accelerate all other forms of hair loss.

A clinical study has shown that daily hair loss can be reduced by lowering oxidative stress. KeepItAnchored was created for exactly this reason. The Hair Anchor blend strengthens hair at the roots so you can keep more of the hair you have.

Start by adding the Hair Anchoring Essence to your daily hair routine – it can be used on either wet or dry hair, so no need to change how often you wash. You can get even more of the Hair Anchor Blend while you wash. The Complete Kit offers the full KeepItAnchored experience with kits designed for men and for women...

Noticing bald spots and ready to go all in with the bald look? Speed up the process by going for the big shave.

Noticing bald spots and want your hair back? Opt for treatments designed to regrow hair. For example, minoxidil treatments are widely available for both men and women. Clinical studies have shown that minoxidil can stimulate hair growth when used regularly. The treatment effect is noticeable after several months, roughly 6-8 months, of use as it takes time for new hair to appear. Talk to your dermatologist or trichologist about how well this option suits you.

Noticing hair loss after childbirth, a health issue or while taking medication? If you are losing hair due to hormonal changes after childbirth or as a side effect of medication you are taking, it is best to consult your physician or a dermatologist about the solutions tailored to your needs.

While hair is regrowing, KeepItAnchored can help you to keep more of your hair by strengthening hair at the roots.

Noticing hair breaking off after coloring or styling your hair? The coloring process and high heat from flat irons and curling irons can weaken your hair fibers to the point of breaking. You may see more hairs in your brush as the pulling can cause hair to snap. Or you may notice more fly-away hair around your head – this is what is left behind after the breakage happens. This is not known to effect how your hair is growing from the scalp.

Add a good conditioner into your hair care routine and use weekly deep treatments, like hair masks, to strengthen damaged hair against breakage. If you see your ends are split, it’s a good time to visit your stylist for a trim.