Braxton's Hair Loss Story

I was around 19 years old when my barber mentioned something about losing my hair. He said it in passing like a joke. “Ha! Looks like you’re losing your hair up top.” I knew what he was saying was true. I’d just been ignoring it. Then, my girlfriend (who is now my wife) said something similar. That’s when I stopped ignoring it.

You don’t know what you’ll look like without hair until you actually cut it off. I finally realized it was inevitable around age 26. The men on my mom’s side are all bald, and I wasn’t dedicated enough to the treatments available at the time to avoid it. So, I took the clippers to my head.

My wife’s reaction was a relief. She said, “you should have done this a long time ago.” It was a different look, but it still worked with my style. It made my life easier, too. With just 7-8 minutes with the clippers, my face and head are done.

Braxtons hair loss story

I wonder how many people will emerge from this lockdown having made the choice to go for the shave. You want to try it when you know you won’t be around people for a while. If it doesn’t look good, there’s time to grow your hair back out.