Scalp care = Better care for your hair

You may not give your scalp much more thought than remembering to clean it when your hair needs a wash. Why should you think about it when you don't see it or feel it?

If you are seeing excessive hair loss – like more hair in your comb, brush, on in your drain - your scalp may be begging for attention!

Recent research has shown that a stressed scalp can lead to early and excessive hair loss. When scalp skin is in good condition, the ordered structure of the scalp skin holds hair roots in place for longer. When the scalp skin is stressed, the structure is like the day after an all-night Netflix binge - completely disoriented. The disordered scalp skin structure releases its grip on the hair root, and the strand falls out earlier than necessary.

Stressed Scalp vs Calm Scalp

People who have scalp issues are regularly reminded their scalp needs help. It is constantly talking to them saying, “I feel dried out!” or “I feel irritated!”. But seeing excessive hair shedding, even if you have a silent scalp, can also be your scalp's SOS call.

Instead of waiting for your scalp to get your attention, give it the attention you give your skin. Because it is skin. KeepItAnchored was designed to treat your scalp much like you do your face by…

  • Nourishing it with a blend of antioxidants and vitamins. The Hair Anchor Blend in KeepItAnchored, which has been clinically proven to reduce daily hair loss, combines antioxidant salts and vitamins B3 + B5, known for their skin hydrating abilities.
  • Caring for your scalp with a multi-step regimen. You wouldn’t just clean your face without moisturizing. Your scalp needs the extra care after cleansing, too. KeepItAnchored Kits offer a multi-step regimen to cleanse and hydrate your scalp skin so it can work to hold your hair roots for longer.
3-Step Color Care Regimen

We have even clinically tested KeepItAnchored's scalp improvement with the same method used to test facial and body skin improvement. It's called Trans Epidermal Water Loss or TEWL (sounds like "tool"). Significant improvement in TEWL results were seen after 8 weeks of treatment with the KeepItAnchored Shampoo + Hair Anchoring Essence 🥳. This means that the treated scalp skin went from disordered to a more ordered, better functioning structure. For your face, TEWL improvement means skin looks plump and more youthful. For your scalp, this improvement means you keep more hair.

So, if you haven’t given your scalp much thought, show it some love by caring for it like you do your skin. It may just thank you with more hair on your head and less falling around you.