Clinical Research behind KeepItAnchored Published by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science

Hair Anchor log

If you're one of the 2/3 of men and women concerned about hair loss, you can easily relate to this: more and more hair is collecting in your drain and your brush. You walk around the house and see hair everywhere. You freak-out then search for “best hair loss treatment” but there are so many options and it's incredibly confusing. Then ads for hair loss products start following you around the internet. Their promises sound good, but the hair loss category is filled with snake oil. How do you know they really work?

Science. Especially when it is clinical science, peer-reviewed and made public so people can decide for themselves.

KeepItAnchored is the result of a 6-month, double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical study run in partnership with Dermatologists and Hair & Scalp Scientists. “It’s important for people to know a treatment they choose has good scientific data behind it and that claims made on the bottle have been proven with scientific rigor. That’s what this study was about – proving that a cosmetic treatment for early hair loss really can work, says Dr. Jeni Thomas, Co-Founder of KeepItAnchored and Hair Scientist.

Now, the full body of clinical research behind KeepItAnchored's promise to reduce daily hair loss has been peer-reviewed and published by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science.

KeepItAnchored doesn’t grow new hair, it helps you keep more of the hair you have. It works to strengthen hair’s anchor to the scalp by reducing oxidative stress at the scalp surface. Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals, which we encounter daily from sources like UV or pollution.

The new research proved...

1) Oxidative stress on the scalp surface accelerates hair loss by weakening the connection — the anchor — of each strand to the scalp. While it is normal to shed hairs daily, a scalp under stress loses more hair than necessary.

2) The effectiveness of an antioxidant salt, mineral zinc, and b-vitamin combination for reducing daily hair loss by calming oxidative stress at the scalp surface. The combination worked so well to anchor hair, those who used the treatment ended the study with, on average, 2400 more hair fibers than those who used the placebo.

The clinically proven antioxidant combination has since become the Hair Anchor Blend available in all KeepItAnchored Kits for Men and Kits for Women.

This new way to treat hair loss is for everyone who has hair they want to keep, not just for people with scalp concerns. According to Mike Davis, Hair & Scalp Biologist, “the subjects in the study did not have any scalp-related issues or significant hair loss. We wanted to understand hair retention possibilities even when you start from a good place.”

Sometimes you think a cosmetic product might make a little improvement but be hard to notice. In this study, you can clearly see the improvement from the treatment group compared to the placebo group. The people who used the antioxidant treatment kept more hair on their head. The difference was measurable and the people in the study noticed the improvement,” describes Dr. Thomas.

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