Hair Anchoring Essence vs minoxidil: How does KeepItAnchored stack up?



Everyone’s heard of minoxidil, right? It has been around for more than 30 years and has become the most widely available hair regrowth treatment. Discovered by accident when tested as medication for hypertension, minoxidil is now the active ingredient across many different brands for hair growth treatments.

KeepItAnchored is the new kid on the hair loss treatment block. It was designed to prevent hair loss from happening in the first place – not to regrow hair once you’ve already lost it.

Wondering which is right for you? Here’s how they stack up:

Kind of hair loss treated Daily hair loss caused by oxidative stress (like from sun, moisture & pollution) Disease & genetic hair loss, often referred to as alopecia
Who is it best for? Men & Women who are seeing early signs of hair loss or are concerned about losing their hair Men & Women who are further along the hair loss progression & looking to regrow hair
Prevents hair loss or Grows new hair? PREVENTS hair loss GROWS new hair
Clinically-proven YES – a 6-month, placebo-controlled clinical study run on men & women YES – multiple long-term, placebo-controlled clinical studys with men & women
How quickly results are seen Hair looks & feels thicker from the FIRST USE It can take >6 months to see re-growth
How you know it’s working Hair looks & feels thicker from the 1st wash; you may feel a tingly or fresh scalp sensation More hair sheds before regrowth begins. This shedding period can last for a few weeks.
Product forms Leave on treatment for the scalp;
Shampoos & Conditioners
Daily leave-on products that include foam and liquid forms
Key Ingredients HairAnchor blend of minerals, antioxidants, and B-vitamins – found exclusively in KeepItAnchored Minoxidil is the active ingredient – found in numerous brands
Designed to work for your hair style? YES. The HairAnchor blend is built into a leave-on treatment & shampoo that rival your top hair care brands. NO. Product reviews indicate hair can be left looking dull and feeling oily.

KeepItAnchored and minoxidil are suited to different stages along the hair loss journey. For both products, you get the best results when you stick with it. So, be sure to choose the option that is:

1) Right for how far along the hair loss journey you are; and

2) Works with what you want for the look of your hair.

 If you’re just beginning to notice signs of hair loss – like more hair in your brush, more in the drain or less on your head – KeepItAnchored is a great place to start. You can keep the hair you have for longer. No up-front shed required!

Shop the entire KeepItAnchored collection to see which products are right for you!