Hair falling out after summer? It's real and you can do something about it.

If you are seeing more hair falling after summer months have passed, it is completely normal! This is the time of year when both men and women notice more hair in the brush or on their bathroom floor and less on their head.

Scientific studies have confirmed that the number of fibers shed really does spike in late summer and fall months. Many factors contribute to one’s hair loss experience, but the increased exposure to oxidative stress during the summer months is an important factor in seasonal hair loss.

How summer affects hair loss

UV-rays are a source of oxidative stress. While some believe hair can protect the scalp from UV-rays like a sunscreen, research shows that the scalp still undergoes enough oxidative stress to cause early and excessive hair loss. This happens as oxidative stress weakens the connection between the scalp and hair root.

It is believed that an abnormally high number of fibers shift from the anagen phase (growing phase) of the hair growth process to the telogen phase (resting phase) during the summer. Fibers in the telogen phase will fall soon after - in the late summer and early fall months.

What you can do about seasonal hair loss

While seasonal hair loss is normal, you don't have to just watch it happen. A 6-month, placebo-controlled clinical study run from late spring through the late fall showed that treating hair & scalp with the Hair Anchor blend of minerals, antioxidants and B-vitamins in a daily treatment decreased the amount of seasonal hair loss

Clinical results for seasonal hair loss

The technology works by reducing scalp oxidative stress to keep the hair anchored for longer.

This Hair Anchor Blend is available in KeepItAnchored's Daily Hair Anchoring Essence for Men and for Women. It is clinically-proven to combat the main cause of daily hair loss - oxidative stress - so you can keep more hair. Simply apply to your scalp and roots daily as part of your normal hair care routine or upgrade your care routine to KeepItAnchored's Complete Kit.