How often should I wash my hair?

There really is not a right or wrong answer to how often you should wash your hair. Sounds wishy-washy, but it's true...for the most part.

How often you wash your hair is a personal choice – hair type, hair oiliness and lifestyle normally determine how often people choose to wash.

People with curly, coarser hair tend to wash less often than those with finer, straight hair. That’s because scalp oils travel much slower down a curly fiber than they do a straight fiber. So straight, fine hair can look weighed down and greasy faster than curly, coarser hair.

People with colored hair tend to wash less often than those with non-colored hair for fear of rinsing the color down the drain. If you do have color-treated hair, it is a good idea to minimize your hair’s exposure to water. It’s ok to wash, but don’t hang your head in the shower longer than the time it takes to rinse!

People who live in warm, humid climates and those who exercise often tend to wash more often. The mixture of scalp oil + sweat can leave hair feeling dirtier than scalp oil or sweat alone.

Wondering if you need to change how often you wash your hair while using KeepItAnchored? Short answer is NO.

KeepItAnchored works to relieve oxidative stress and strengthen hair at the roots. No set washing schedule is required to reduce hair loss as long as you use the Hair Anchoring Essence daily. The Essence contains the clinically proven technology in a formula that can be used on wet or dry hair, so you can stick with the wash schedule you like best.

The clinically proven technology is also part of the KeepItAnchored wash system. We recommend switching your normal shampoo and conditioner for KeepItAnchored’s system to wash your way to keeping more hair. You can get the complete experience in KeepItAnchored’s Complete Kits...

As with any good tip, there is an exception. Washing more often is a good thing if you have a dry, itchy, or irritated scalp. Here’s why…

Scalp oils build up over days without washing, and they can stress your scalp. Just like cooking oils go bad over time, so can scalp oils. Scalp oils-gone-bad may smell “off” but the bigger issue is the oxidative stress that off oils introduce to your scalp. Oxidative stress (think free radical stress) throws the scalp skin surface off-balance causing your scalp to: 1) feel irritated and 2) weaken its grip on hair roots.

Preventing scalp oils from building up by washing more often – every other day or even daily - can help reduce scalp stress. Even better is to wash with products like KeepItAnchored that lower oxidative stress at your scalp, because scalp oils are not the only source of the scalp surface stress that can lead to hair loss.