Let's address...What is Oxidative Stress?

Oxidative stress is not an emotional stress, like the stress that leaves you with sweaty palms, a clenched jaw or a racing heartbeat. It is stress caused by free radicals – those molecular-level thieves (they steal electrons) that leave their “victims” broken down or on the aging fast-track.

UV rays, pollution, and smoking are 3 common sources of unwanted free radicals. Even moisture and hair coloring can stress you…oxidatively, that is.

On skin,oxidativestressspeeds lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. It turns fresh apples and avocados brown once exposed to air. With hair, oxidativestress at hairs’ rootsaccelerates hair loss by weakening the connection — the anchor — of each strand to the scalp. Over time, the fall-out from scalpoxidativestressshows up as more hair in your brush and drain, less at your hair line, or a wider part. While it is absolutely normal to shed hairs daily, oxidative stress increases the amount you lose unnecessarily.

Antioxidants are the best antidote for oxidative stress - that’s why antioxidant salts are a key part of KeepItAnchored’s clinically proven HairAnchor blend. It takes time for the antioxidants to take full effect and reduce daily hair loss, but they do kick into action from the very first use of the KeepItAnchored system.


If you’re a scientist at heart and like to see proof, there’s a simple way to illustrate KeepItAnchored’s antioxidant action. Imagine a sliced apple represents your scalp skin and then do the following...

  1. Put a few drops of the KeepItAnchored Hair Anchoring Essence on one side and spread, like you’re spreading it across half your scalp. Leave the other side untouched.
  2. Let the cut apple sit exposed to the air.
  3. Then watch.

The browning that gradually appears on the untouched side is a sign that oxidative stress is breaking down the apple like the stress breaks down hair’s anchor to the scalp. The protected side stays fresh because it was just that – protected.

This is a simple illustration. Let’s face it – apples look better than close-ups of a scalp. And the antioxidant process on your scalp isn’t visible like a browning apple. The science behind how KeepItAnchored works at hair roots to reduce daily hair loss is complex. You can read much more about the approach in this review article. Or you can get your own antioxidant protection started by trying out a KeepItAnchored kit.