Signs it is time to reduce hair loss

Are you worried hair loss is in your future? So are roughly 2/3 of people, both men and women. 

Good news! There are steps you can take to reduce certain types of hair loss, especially what is caused by environmental stress like UV-exposure, moisture and pollution. This stress affects everyone and targets the scalp surface. When the scalp surface is stressed, it loses its grip on hair at the root, letting go of your hair too soon and adding to the hair loss that may be happening because of your genetics or age.

The trick to reducing hair loss is to START EARLY! A 6-month clinical trial of KeepItAnchored’s Hair Anchor Blend showed that the earlier you begin strengthening hair at the roots, the more hair you keep in the long-run.

But how to know when the time is right to start reducing hair loss? Here is a run-down of the most common signs that it is a good time to take action, so you can keep your hair for longer.

If you are seeing MORE of this

  • More hair on your pillow case in the morning
  • More hair in your brush or comb
  • More hair in the drain or on the bathroom floor after showering
  • More hair on your fingers when your run your hands through your hair

 If you are seeing LESS of this

  • Less hair at your temples, also known as a receding hairline
  • Less hair in your part line (if you have one)
  • Less hair in your ponytail. The same ponytail holder needs an extra wrap around to keep your pony in place or it just looks like a thinner pony than before.

Hearing MORE of this…Comments from friends or family – especially those who haven’t seen you in a while and are keen to say it like it is. If not them, your stylist may be dropping hints.

But NOT this! These are signs that it’s a good time to consider other options

  • You have hair falling out in clumps. Talk to a dermatologist or doctor about this as it could be linked to other issues.
  • You would describe yourself as balding. Talk to your stylist about what works for you, or just go for the big shave!
  • You have enough scalp showing through that you need to cover it with sunscreen. Same as the one above and don’t forget the sunscreen on your scalp. Your skin will thank you.

Speaking of sunscreen, getting ahead of hair loss before it becomes a bigger problem is a lot like using sunscreen before you have sun-damaged skin. It works best when you start early and when you use it daily. In the case of sunscreen, you keep your smooth, gorgeous skin for longer. In the case of hair loss reduction, you keep your full, gorgeous hair for longer.

We recommend starting with the Hair Anchoring Essence. It is a daily leave-on treatment with our most concentrated dose of the clinically-proven Hair Anchor blend. Even better - also switch out your shampoo and conditioner for KeepItAnchored’s Shampoo & Conditioner so you can get an extra dose while you wash. Within just a few weeks, people have noticed less hair in their brush and fuller hair on their head.

Bottom line. Anchor Early, Keep More!