Steph's Hair Loss Story

It’s like some cruel joke. 

During pregnancy your hair is the best it’s ever been.  You basically transform into a mermaid.  And then just like that…it’s gone.  All of that luscious hair you grew over 9 months of being pregnant starts coming out in fistfuls!

Steph's hair loss story

After my first child, the hair loss was immediate.  I remember standing in my shower in tears while I detangled clumps of hair from my fingers wondering if it would ever grow back.  With my second child, the hair loss was sneakier.  Just when I thought I had evaded the dreadful shedding phase…BOOM there it was with a vengeance!  All of the hair specifically fell from around my hair line so by 5 months postpartum I looked like Eddie Munster with a widow’s peak for days. 

When the inevitable postpartum hair loss begins it’s important to keep in mind that IT WILL GROW BACK (easier said than done, am I right?).  And when it does grow back, you want all of those little baby hairs to be as strong as possible!  That’s why using KeepItAnchored is an integral part of my hair care regimen.   

While KeepItAnchored isn’t actually growing back the hair I lost, it is helping the hair growth come in stronger and better than without it!  I’m anchoring now so I can keep more later!