The #1 cause of daily hair loss

Did You Know? Regular exposure to the environment such as sun and moisture can lead to premature hair loss. It is because of scalp oxidative stress.

Many believe hair loss is caused by factors out of their control, like genetics. It can be, but there are factors that are in our control. New research indicates that scalp oxidative stress from the environment is the #1 cause of daily hair loss. It does not matter your gender, ethnicity or age - we are all exposed to oxidative stress daily.

Oxidative stress weakens the hold your scalp has on your hair. Like the effect UV-exposure has on skin aging, oxidative stress accelerates hair loss by stressing the scalp. A stressed scalp lets go of hair too soon so you lose more hair than you should.

This finding in hair loss research created buzz at the 2017 World Congress on Hair Research because it opens the door to a new approach to treating hair loss. Instead of trying to re-grow hair after losing it, it is now possible to reduce hair loss before it becomes a big problem.

That’s what KeepItAnchored was designed to do. It works by calming a stressed scalp to strengthen hair at the roots. As a result, your scalp can hold onto hair for longer, giving you more control over hair loss. Check out our Complete Kits today!

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