What Your Shampoo Can Do For You

Shampoos may look like the thick’ish liquid you’ve always known them to be, but what is in that liquid has come a long way. Did you know the first liquid shampoo as we know them today dates back to the1930's? Research over their 90+ year history has led to shampoo levels that we’ll describe as Basic, Advanced, Exceptional.

Here’s what sets the levels apart.


Simply put, Basic Shampoos have cleansing ingredients to clean your hair & scalp. They also include aesthetic ingredients, like fragrance, to leave you smelling fresh. Clarifying shampoos fit into this category.

While you massage the shampoo through your hair, dirt and excess oil is loosened. They are then washed away when you rinse.

Basic Shampoos are most commonly transparent formulas. However, some transparent formulas can be next level.

Image of a Basic Shampoo


Advanced shampoos do what Basic shampoos do + they include conditioning ingredients to leave your hair softer, more manageable, and stronger against breakage, especially when hair is wet.

It took more than 50 years after shampoos were introduced before this level was created. Mixing cleansing and conditioning ingredients is like mixing oil and water, or dogs and white furniture – they just aren’t meant to come together.

The vast majority of the shampoos available today, whether at your local store or in your salon, are in the Advanced Shampoo level.

Image of an Advanced Shampoo


Exceptional Shampoos do what Advanced Shampoos do – clean hair, leave hair softer, more manageable, and smelling fresh – PLUS they have special active ingredients. Not just ingredients that sound good, they are proven to do something extra.

Anti-dandruff shampoos like Head & Shoulders fit into this category because they clean, they have conditioning ingredients for your hair, and they have technology proven to fight dandruff.

One of the newest examples of Exceptional Shampoos are KeepItAnchored’s Shampoo for Men and Shampoo for Women. In addition to cleansing and conditioning ingredients, it includes the Hair Anchor Blend which is clinically proven to reduce daily hair loss by strengthening hair at the root.

Image of an Exceptional Shampoo

INTERESTING FACT: When men and women begin noticing hair loss, what are they most likely to do: Change their hair style, switch up their hair care products or start taking supplements? The most common choice is to switch up their hair care products!

That's a smart move, especially if the switch is to KeepItAnchored. When you begin to notice more hair in your brush, in your drain or on your pillow, this is the best time to upgrade so you can get ahead of hair loss. The sooner you start, the more hair you keep.

You’re going to wash your hair anyway. Why not get more from your shampoo?