Why KeepItAnchored was born in New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its unbelievably beautiful landscapes. So breathtaking, film crews have traveled halfway around the world for it to be the backdrop of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. New Zealand is also known for…

…Manuka honey that comes from the Manuka trees native to New Zealand.  

…Sheep. New Zealand has more than 5 sheep for every person.

…Wine, especially sauvignon blanc and pinot noir.

Sounds like a peaceful place, right? You might be surprised to know it can also be a stressful environment! Environmentally stressful, that is. New Zealand regularly reaches extreme UV levels because the southern hemisphere gets closer to the sun and because the ozone layer thins during the summer months. This means the UV radiation that reaches the ground, your skin and even your scalp is higher in New Zealand than most parts of the world.  


UV exposure can be so extreme in New Zealand that the daily news reports “Time to Burn” .

Auckland is no stranger to a 12-minute time-to-burn in the summer. This means a sunburn is likely within as few as 12 minutes outside without sun protection.

New Zealand’s extreme levels of environmental stress, known technically as oxidative stress, make it the perfect stress test for KeepItAnchored. Oxidative stress (think free radicals) is what causes skin to age too fast. We now know oxidative stress also accelerates daily hair loss. When the scalp surface is under oxidative stress, it loses its grip on hair roots – this turns into early and excessive hair loss.

The hair anchoring technology in KeepItAnchored was first tested in a 6-month clinical study in the US. This test proved the anchoring technology can reduce daily hair loss by calming oxidative stress at the scalp surface. A calm scalp led to strong hair at the roots and noticeably less hair fall. But could the technology stand up to the stress test of oxidative stress levels in New Zealand?

Short answer is Yes. Kiwis (aka New Zealanders) have been anchoring their hair since early 2019, when KeepItAnchored first launched in New Zealand. Now, it is recommended by pharmacists around the country as a clinically proven way to get ahead of hair loss before it becomes a problem.

If you're wondering what are Kiwi's preferred kits, KeepItAnchored's Complete Kit for Men and Complete Kit for Women are the best sellers...

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